prorelax 12113 TENS + EMS Super Duo Plus BLACKLINE black - 2 therapies with one device
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prorelax 12113 TENS + EMS Super Duo Plus BLACKLINE black - 2 therapies with one device

With extended therapy accessories: 4 reusable electrode pads, 2 large butterfly electrode pads, 1 arm strap and 1 abdominal strap
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Like the prorelax 94039 TENS + EMS Super Duo, but with an extended range of accessories. The prorelax 12113 TENS + EMS Super Duo Plus BLACKLINE also comes with 4 reusable electrode pads, 2 large butterfly electrode pads, 1 arm belt for pain treatment on the upper and lower arm and 1 abdominal belt with silicone electrodes (function A: for lower back pain; function B: for building up and training the abdominal muscles. The belt has integrated silicone electrodes and a belt extension for all clothing sizes).

Modern technology in a new design. Double functionality in one device. With a choice of two effective channels (TENS + EMS ) and 8 preset programmes + 1 self-programmable mode, you can enjoy an effective TENS or EMS application anytime, anywhere.

The highlight of the prorelax TENS + EMS series, prorelax 12113 TENS + EMS Super Duo Plus BLACKLINE comes in a new design and with improved digital technology. On the one hand, the TENS function can be used to effectively combat pain, and on the other hand, programmes are available for muscle training and build-up.

For much better readability, a large display with blue backlighting and large characters is used. In addition, the shape and operation are also designed to be as simple and pleasant as possible to make it particularly easy to use.

TENS function.

For chronic pain, especially in the back, the natural TENS function (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) of the prorelax Super Duo helps. With the help of low frequency and high intensity, electronic stimuli are transmitted to the skin. These stimulate the pain control system in the brain. In response, the body‘s own pain inhibitors are released.

In addition, this treatment method promotes blood circulation, thus relaxing the muscles and stimulating the metabolism and hormone system.

EMS function.

The versatility of the EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) function offers more than just muscle building. Electrical impulses work in such a way that a wellness effect, fat reduction and relaxation are also possible. Muscle contraction, brought about by electrical stimulation, increases the energy requirement and fat cells are burnt. The interplay of tension and relaxation ensures muscle growth.

  • Relaxation of muscle spasms
  • Muscle training
  • Prevention or delay of inactive atrophy
  • Increasing blood circulation
  • Maintaining or increasing range of motion

Product details

  • Body tuning with a classy black look
  • EMS: training, relaxation, building muscles
  • TENS: relief of stubborn chronic pain
  • design and performance perfectly combined
  • electro-muscle stimulation for recreational and professional athletes
  • more accessories - for more therapy power
  • duo effect through TENS + EMS therapy
  • large, illuminated display with large symbols
  • practical one-hand operation
  • 2 channels, 8 different programmes
  • 12-step timer
  • intensity and treatment time adjustable
  • rechargeable economy battery
  • certified medical device CE class IIa
  • German quality control
  • delivery from Germany
  • 2-year warranty

Scope of delivery

  • Prorelax TENS/EMS Super Duo Plus - Blackline
  • 4 standard electrodes
  • 2 large, reusable butterfly electrodes, for treatment of larger areas. Soft, skin-friendly and very cuddly due to self-adhesive butterfly shape
  • 1 Arm belt for pain treatment on upper and lower arm
  • 1 abdominal belt with silicone electrodes
Art.No.: WEEMSPRO12113

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