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Turn kitchen waste into odorless EcoChips in just four hours
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The FoodCycler transforms food waste into odorless EcoChips through automatic drying, grinding and cooling. The volume of your kitchen waste is reduced by more than 80% in just 4 hours. Simple one-touch operation and odor-reducing charcoal filter system make the FoodCycler perfect for indoor use. The FoodCycler is quiet, energy efficient and fits anywhere.

Reduce your food footprint by more than 80%The FoodCycler reduces the volume of kitchen waste by more than 80% and turns it into sterile, odorless EcoChips. The grinding bucket holds up to 2 liters of kitchen waste and can reduce it to 0.34 l of EcoChips. Sustainably reduce kitchen waste in just a few hours.

Foodcycler System with 3 Phases The FoodCycler dries, grinds and cools your kitchen waste in a 3-phase cycle, filtering out odors as well as methane gases. During the "drying" phase, the food waste is dehydrated. In the next step, during the "grinding" phase, the blades break the kitchen waste into small particles. Finally, during the "cooling" phase, the EcoChips are cooled for safe disposal.

Odorless processing and storage The two replaceable carbon EcoFilters direct and filter the circulating air for a clean and odorless process. Prior to processing, as long as the kitchen waste is stored in the bucket, the carbon filter built into the lid reduces odors.

Compact design for indoor use Designed specifically for the urban household, the FoodCycler can be placed and supplied anywhere, quickly becoming part of a modern urban lifestyle. The compact unit will fit in any kitchen, laundry room or garage. The removable bucket - with built-in charcoal filter lid for odorless storage - stores easily on the counter or under the sink.

Quiet and energy-saving The sophisticated sensors determine each cycle. Dryness and moisture of kitchen waste are monitored with minimal energy consumption for maximum efficiency. The FoodCycler consumes just 1 KW for an 8-hour processing cycle - the same amount needed to boil a liter of water. In addition, the lid with twist-lock closure prevents noise (and odors) from escaping during operation. This makes the FoodCycler quieter than a dishwasher when in operation.

Simple one-touch operation Fill the bucket, close the lid and press start. It‘s that easy! Features one-touch operation for easy operation and LED lights to indicate cycle phases. If you want to add more waste during operation, you can use the pause function (only in the drying phase).

Easy cleaning The porcelain-coated removable bucket is not only durable, but also dishwasher safe. That means you can easily place it in the bottom compartment of the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Product details:

  • power: 500 W
  • mains voltage: 220–240 volts
  • material: plastic | Aluminum
  • capacity: 2 l
  • processing modes: 1-drying, 2-grinding, 3-cooling
  • One-touch operation
  • indication for the replacement of the filter
  • low energy consumption: Sophisticated sensors determine each individual process for minimum energy consumption with maximum efficiency
  • weight per piece (kg): 9.75 kg
  • product dimensions (H x W x L): 320 x 275 x 320 mm

Accessories included:

  • EcoFilters with filter air lines: Equipped with activated carbon filters for air circulation and for odor filtering during operation
  • Carbon filter bucket lid: Store your kitchen waste at room temperature: The activated carbon foam in the lid of the bucket reduces odors
  • large 2-liter grinding bucket: completely shreds and processes kitchen waste

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